When is #2 a problem?

If you often have loose stool, an urgent need to go, and abdominal pain, you may be experiencing irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D).

It's time to talk 2 your healthcare provider if your abdominal pain keeps coming back at least 1 day per week in the last 3 months and is associated with going #2, a change in the number of times you go, and/or the way your stool looks.

Illustration of diarrhea

Common triggers

Certain foods or beverages

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Possible Causes

Changes in bacteria
in the gut

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Stronger, longer
muscle contractions in the intestines

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Poorly coordinated
signals between the brain and the intestines

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Ways 2 treat IBS-D

There are many ways to help control symptoms. Be sure to
speak up so your healthcare provider can recommend the
treatment options that are best for you.

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Stress Management

What you need 2 know
before you go

  1. Write down your symptoms and triggers
  2. Make a list of all your medications
  3. Plan questions in advance, such as:
    • What is most likely the cause of my symptoms?
    • Should I change my diet and lifestyle?
    • What treatment options do you recommend?

Feel comfortable talking 2 your healthcare provider about your symptoms — they’re ready to listen and help you find relief.